Monday, October 1, 2012

business card TRAP!

This is a business card holder I made for my booth at the Spectrum Live show.   It is made out of pine from an old door I garbage picked.  The bow and locking bar are bed spring wire from a discarded bed spring.  The pedal is scrap plastic and the spring is old wound up electric wire.  I luckily had access to a laser cutter for the lettering which I did in Adobe Illustrator.

I ended up putting some loose cards next to the holder after noticing some peoples apprehension. 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Joe R. Lansdale's God of the Razor

Back in the mid to late 90's I was at a convention with the company Imajico.  We were there promoting a series of 1:1 scale monster models(pictured below).  Also at the convention was author Champion Joe R. Lansdale.  I am a huge fan of his writing so approached him about turning his character God of the Razor into a model kit.  He agreed.  We set it up with Imajico.  I did a rough sculpt for Joe's approval at which point everything at Imajico fell apart.  We then set it up at a little garage kit company called Death Inc.  I did a series of sketches and Joe picked the one he liked.  I did another sculpture which was probably 10 inches tall including the base.  The sculpt was cut apart properly and  I sent it off to Death Inc. for molding, casting, etc.  We waited.  That fell apart and I never saw the sculpture again.
Some time passed and I called up Joe to take another stab at the character.  He said sure.  I set it up with my pal Markus who owns a comic, gaming and collectible store - GROUNDZERO COMICS.  I did another sculpt complete with elaborate base.  The piece was broken down into 42 pieces.  We didn't advertise right and ended up selling 0 kits.  I was actually kind of happy we didn't sell any after realizing what it took to make a 42 piece model kit.  I did get to talk with my favorite author and made him a few finished and painted pieces. I walked away with a smile.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


My daughter and I love Adventure Time! It's hard to pick a favorite character on the show. They are all so good. She particularly likes BMO (me too). So I made her a BMO for her birthday. He stands just shy of 8 inches tall and has interchangeable faces.