Sunday, September 30, 2012

Joe R. Lansdale's God of the Razor

Back in the mid to late 90's I was at a convention with the company Imajico.  We were there promoting a series of 1:1 scale monster models(pictured below).  Also at the convention was author Champion Joe R. Lansdale.  I am a huge fan of his writing so approached him about turning his character God of the Razor into a model kit.  He agreed.  We set it up with Imajico.  I did a rough sculpt for Joe's approval at which point everything at Imajico fell apart.  We then set it up at a little garage kit company called Death Inc.  I did a series of sketches and Joe picked the one he liked.  I did another sculpture which was probably 10 inches tall including the base.  The sculpt was cut apart properly and  I sent it off to Death Inc. for molding, casting, etc.  We waited.  That fell apart and I never saw the sculpture again.
Some time passed and I called up Joe to take another stab at the character.  He said sure.  I set it up with my pal Markus who owns a comic, gaming and collectible store - GROUNDZERO COMICS.  I did another sculpt complete with elaborate base.  The piece was broken down into 42 pieces.  We didn't advertise right and ended up selling 0 kits.  I was actually kind of happy we didn't sell any after realizing what it took to make a 42 piece model kit.  I did get to talk with my favorite author and made him a few finished and painted pieces. I walked away with a smile.

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