Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dretz the mischievous


1) Head sculpted using Aves Apoxie sculpt over a heavily altered plastic skull. The head was then primed using automotive primer. 2) The teeth were made using real shark teeth (not these sculpey placeholders) with the gums sculpted in Apoxie sculpt. 3) The body was sculpted using Ren board and bondo over a silver soldered copper tubing armature. 4) Ren board peaking through the bondo. 5) Tape was put down to protect base for the "bondo smush". This is a trick whereby bondo is spread onto the bottom of the sculpture and then pressed into the base for a perfect fit. 6) The base is clear casting resin (over-spill) that I hammered out of the bottom of a 55 gallon pressure pot.

At this point I had not decided where I wanted to position the arms. I used clean clay to sketch out several ideas before settling on the final pose.

I applied automotive spot putty (the red stuff in above pic) over the body to fill in any unwanted pock marks. The entire piece was then sanded smooth. To "marry" all the different materials together I used a two part catalyzed primer.


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